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2000 Musky Classic Stats

Burnett Soddy Mosinee, WI 26.5 45 R Bucktail Clear S Bill's Musky Club
Rich Leigh Manitowish Wts, WI 25 45 R Depth Raider Spider S
Dan Wohlleber Winchester, WI 21.5 42 R Jake Bait Manitowish S Hawg Hunters
Don Tlusty Arbor Vitae, WI 20.5 42.5 R Top Raider Island S Team Kessler
Bob Trinka Green Bay, WI 20.02 41.75 R Inhaler Clear S Team Retreat
Bobby Homung Grayslake, IL 19.25 42.75 R Top Water Bait Wild Rice S
Steve Buss Cottage Grove, IL 19.25 43 R Black Bucktail Fawn S
Dennis Markgraf Boulder Jct., WI 18.5 40 R TopWaterBait Van Vliet O Camp Holiday
Jerry Gorgeson Oregon, WI 17.75 41.5 R Blue Fox Bucktail Spider S Musky Busters
Bryan Schumann Wyocena, WI 17.25 40.5 R Bucktail Birch S Team Weed Beds
Mike Karpowitz Mokena, WI 17 40.5 K Bucltail High S
Todd Barden Delafield, WI 16.25 40.5 R Suick S. Turtle O Evergreen
Don Forsyth Jr Chicago, IL 16.25 40.25 R Black Buchertail High O Team Beer Bar #1
Chris Lasavage Presque Isle, WI 16 40 R Depth Raider Horsehead S Team Retreat
Chris Lasavage Presque Isle, WI 15 40 R Crystal Savage Horsehead S Team Retreat
Autumm Helfert Dallas, TX 14.75 40 R Hawg Wobbler Harris S Team Connaughty
Bob Black Highland Prk, IL 14.02 39.25 R Jackpot Boulder S Team Swanson
Terry Nelson Hayward, WI 14.01 38.5 R Tens Hairpin High O Team Swanson
Dave Verstegen Menasha, WI 14 38.5 R High Fin Oxbow S
John Connolly Schamburg, IL 13.5 39.5 R O B Tail High S Team Swanson
Gary Tarnow Hortonville, WI 13.75 38.5 R Bucktail Upper Gresh S Camp Holiday
Harlan Schubring Rothchild, WI 13.5 37 R OB Tail Island S Camp Holiday
Matt Marohn Wincherster, WI 13.25 37 R Depth Raider Bait Harris S Team Retreat
Diane Duba Boulder Jct., WI 13.03 38 R White Bucktail High O Team Beer Bar#1
Harland Schubring Rothchild, WI 13 37.5 R 0 B Tail Island S Camp Holiday
Randy Rogers Madison,WI 12.75 36.5 R Jake Bait Clear S Musky Busters
Randy Rybarczyk Schofield, WI 12.75 38 R Black Rebba Island S Team Swanson
David Krause Chippewa Falls, WI 12.75 36.5 R Suick Clear S
Dean Tarasewicz Phillips, WI 12.5 38 R Bert Bait S. Turtle S Smoke on the Water
Daryl Hill Ironwood, MI 12.5 37 R Homemade Lure Oxbow S Team Retreat
Dan Cherry Eagle Grove, IA 12.5 35.5 R Musky Killer Wildrice S Team Kenna
Ed McLernon Lake Geneva, WI 12 36.5 R Bucktail Oxbow S A-1 Sports Team #1
Dan Undenburg Eagle Grove, IA 11.5 37.5 R Rapella Wild Rice S Team Kenna
Joe Sari Conroe, TX 11.5 38.5 R Water Dog Birch S
Gerald Martin Wycena, WI 11.25 36.5 R Black Bucktail S. Turtle S Team Weed Beds
Bob Orr Verona, WI 11.25 37 R Tally Wacker Island S Musky Busters
Wayne Parmley Eagle River, WI 11 35 R Edgewood Diver High O Team Beer Bar #3
Kirt Schubring Weston, WI 10.75 36.5 R Gramma Bait Upper Gresh S Camp Holiday
Dee Seis Mosinee, WI 10.5 36.5 R OBTail High S Team Swanson
Jerry Kutz Winchester, WI 10.25 36 R Buchertail Rock S Smoke on the Water
John Forsyth Chicago, IL 10.03 35.75 R Bucher Depth High O Team Beer Bar #1
Mike Forsyth Chicago IL 10.01 35.5 R Crank High O Team Beer Bar#1
Karl Hacker Verona, WI 10 36 R Cisco Horsehead O Iron Men in Wooden
Mellisa Yeager Schofield, WI 10 35 R Crane Bait Birch O Team Swanson
Andrew Johnson Boulder Jct., WI 9.75 35.5 R Bucktail Upper Gresh S
Lynn Hiemke Mapleton, WI 9.02 35 R Too Tail Bait High S Team Betty Zastrow
Dan Bohney Lowell, IN 41 R Jerl Bait N. Turtle S
Karen Clavette Sun Prairie, WI 40.5 R Trout S
Terry Nelson Hayward, WI 37 R Trout S
Dan Wohlleber Winchester, WI 38 R Ernie Manitowish S
Tom Theilig 37 R High S
Ken Brod Mosinee, WI 36 R Mud Puppy Fawn S Scaffidi
Rick Jensen Presque Isle, WI 36 R Papoose S
Joe Wallace Woodruff, WI 35.5 R Wild Rice S
Mark Czech Chicago, IL 38 R Bucher Surface Alder S Chicago Connection
Mike Karpowitz Mokena, WI 37.5 R High S
Ralph Kebl Manitowish Wts, WI 37 R Bucktail Stone O
Mark Golla Stevens Point, WI 35.75 R White Bucktail South Turtle S

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