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2002 Final Fish Roster
James Olson Madison WI 7-Sep 27.25 49 R Plow Presque Isle S 9:00 Ironmen In Wooden Boats
Lonnie Eslinger Antioch IL 8-Sep 24.25 45 R Gramma Manitowish S
Josh Lenda Oak Creek WI 8-Sep 22.38 42.5 R Top Raider Rest S 10:15
Jerry Lekan Park Ridge IL 6-Sep 22.25 46 R Crank Bait Oxbow S 3:30
Graig Doolittle Verona WI 7-Sep 19.50 43.5 R Orange Bucktail Rock S 9:20 Team Rock Lake
Troy Bartz Endevor WI 7-Sep 18.50 41 R Jerk S. Turtle S 9:17
James Olson Madison WI 6-Sep 17.25 43 R Sledge Crab S 3:00 Ironmen In Wooden Boats
Randy Gascoigne Madison WI 7-Sep 16.81 40.5 R Bucktail Presque Isle S 5:20 Team Retreat
Larry Pfeil Lake Geneva WI 6-Sep 16.81 40.25 R Mepps High S 2:55 Team Betty
Dick Cates Madison WI 7-Sep 15.87 43.5 K Hooker Bait Presque Isle S 4:45 Ironmen In Wooden Boats
Louis Wroblewski St. Point WI 7-Sep 15.50 40.25 R Mud Puppy Island S 6:30 BillŐs Musky Club
Jeff Paulus Neenah WI 8-Sep 15.50 39 R Risso Diver Spider S 9:30 Team Haug Hunters
Lance Parker Stoughton WI 7-Sep 15.25 39 R Depth Raider Island S 10:20
Scott Belell Mundelein IL 7-Sep 13.75 41 R Jerk Wild Rice S 7:30
Karen McGaw Oregon WI 7-Sep 13.50 38.5 R Haug Wobbler Island S 8:00 Musky Busters Club
Don Schultz Jefferson WI 8-Sep 13.00 37.25 R Bucktail Island S 9:00 Team Swanson
Jaun Branley Presque Isle WI 6-Sep 12.75 38 K Castaic Presque Isle S 12:40 Tean Retreat
Jerry Georgeson Oregon WI 7-Sep 12.63 35.75 R Blue Bucktail Spider S 8:15 Musky Busters Club
Dennis Markgraf Boulder Jct WI 6-Sep 12.50 37.5 R Bobbie Bait S. Turtle O 12:30 Camp Holiday
Rick DeGroot Presque Isle WI 6-Sep 12.50 37 R Surface Bait Oxbow S 2:00 PI Pub Team 2
Charlie Helfert Dallas TX 6-Sep 12.50 37 R Haug Wobbler Birch S 5:00 Team Connaughty
Jay Gonstead Madison WI 6-Sep 12.50 36.25 R Bucktail High O 2:05 Team Evergreen
Bobbie Orr Middleton WI 6-Sep 11.63 37 R Suick Island S 2:50
Jay Edwards Lake Forest IL 6-Sep 11.50 36.25 R Pikie Minnow Manitowish Lk O 2:15
Scott Gustafson S. Elgin IL 6-Sep 10.63 35.25 R Bucktail High S 6:45
Jeff Orr Middleton WI 6-Sep 10.50 35.5 R Suick Island S 1:15
June Whitford Sun Prairie WI 7-Sep 10.50 35 R Bucktail Island S 10:50
Curt Philipp Madison WI 6-Sep 9.81 36.25 R Bucktail High O 3:00 Team Evergreen
Joe Reed Jr Eagle River WI 6-Sep 9.75 35.5 R Bucktail Fishtrap S 12:15 Team Wahoo
Kasey Jozefiak Antiach IL 6-Sep 9.50 35 K Bert Bait Manitowish S 3:30 GAA Oil
Pete Krueger Boulder Jct WU 8-Sep 43 R Trout S
Travis Kopke Oconto Falls WI 8-Sep 39 R Crank Spider O 8:30
Travis Kopke Oconto Falls WI 8-Sep 38 R Crank Little Star O 10:15
Ed Bourbonais Winchester WI 7-Sep 38 R Rock S 11:00
Scott Hassett Madison WI 7-Sep 38 R Jake Crab S 9:00 Ironmen In Wooden Boats
Harvey Gustafson Pecatonica IL 6-Sep 37 R Suick Little Star S 1:30 Team Swanson
Dave Bergeman Wauwatosa WI 7-Sep 36 R Bucktail Big O 2:50 Camp Holiday
Mark Olson Alma Cnter WI 6-Sep 36 R Haug Wobbler S. Turtle S 6:15
Brian Culless Madison WI 7-Sep 36 R Top Raider W. Rice S 8:00
Jerry Huffmaster Beloit WI 8-Sep 36 R Bucktail Upper Gresham S 8:55
Chuck Brod Mosinee WI 6-Sep 35.5 R Spinner Manitowish S 6:40 Team Brod
Ed Bourbonais Winchester 7-Sep 35.5 R Spinner Rock S 8:10
Travis Kopke Oconto Falls WI 6-Sep 35 R Top Raider Island O 3:30
Kevin Longton Green Bay 7-Sep 35 R Bucktail Fawn S 3:15

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