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2003 Statistics
Name Date Wt L K/R Bait Lake Div Time Team or Club
Allen Witt, Wis. Rapids, WI 6-Sep 22 lb 08 oz 40.00 R Top Raider Clear Lake O 4:15 Scaffidi Motors
Rayn Wahlgren, Boulder Jct  WI 5-Sep 20 lb 04 oz 44.00 R Bucktail Manitowish Lake S 4:15  
Merisa Soddy,Mosinee, Wi 6-Sep 18 lb 09 oz 41.00 R Robdog Fawn Lake S 3:00  
Robert Welty, Florence WI 6-Sep 18 lb 08 oz 44.50 R Bucktail Spider S 6:30 Team Water Swatters
Tim Kleist, Stoughton, WI 6-Sep 18 lb 08 oz 42.00 R Befrog S. Turtle S 12.2 Weed Beads
Frank Bradley, Lake Zurich,Il 6-Sep 18 lb 02 oz 42.50 R Daredevil VanVliet S 2:30  
Randy Krohn, Muskego  WI 6-Sep 18 lb 42.00 R Suick VanVliet S 11:00 Team Circle Lily
Dan Wohlleber, Winchester  WI 6-Sep 17 lb 11 oz 44.00 R Bulldog Spider S 9:45 Team Corby's
Mike Pfeil, Oconomowac WI 7-Sep 17 lb 10 oz 43.00 R Johnny 5 Fishtrap S 8:15 Team Betty
Pete Linkevich, Shaumberg IL 6-Sep 17 lb 08 oz 42.50 R Bucktail High S 6:03 Team Swanson (Club)
Boyd Zander, Presque Isle  WI 7-Sep 17 lb 05 oz 41.50 R Bulldog Presque Isle S 9:05 Team Retreat (Club)
Gary Tarnow, Hortonville  WI 6-Sep 16 lb 12 oz 42.00 R Bucktail Upper Gresham S 11:30 Team Camp Holiday
Fred Polaniecki, Chicago, IL 5-Sep 16 lb 09 oz 41.00 R Orange Wrobler Island S 1:15  
Joe Reed, Boulder Jct  WI 5-Sep 16 lb 08 oz 42.00 R Bucktail Fishtrap S 3:30 Team Wahoo
Todd Hebel, Manitowac WI 5-Sep 16 lb 41.00 R Bucktail High O 2:20  
Josh Lenda, Oakcreek  WI 6-Sep 16 lb 38.00 K Bucktail Rest S 7:45 Circle Lily Gang (Team)
Gary Hanson, Madison  WI 6-Sep 15 lb 08 oz 37.50 R Hoag Wobbler Spider S 7:15  
Jory Lyons, Valpariso, IN 5-Sep 15 lb 04 oz 40.50 R Black Bucktail Crab S 2:00  
Chad Zembroski, Chaska  MN 6-Sep 15 lb 41.00 R Bucktail High S 7:05  
Tom McElligot, Phiensville WI 5-Sep 15 lb 39.00 K Swim Bait Horsehead S 3:10 Team PI Pub
Paul Kox, Denmark  WI 7-Sep 14 lb 08 oz 38.00 R Bucktail Clear Lake S 7:30 Team Retreat (Club)
Ed Zembroski, St. Francis  WI 5-Sep 13 lb 4 oz 38.25 R Enhaler High S 6:40  
Terry Karcher, Aniwa  WI 5-Sep 13 lb 15 oz 36.25 R Suick Island O 6:00 Team Swanson (Club)
Jim Robb, Stoughton  WI 6-Sep 13 lb 10 oz 40.25 R Green Depth Raider Crab S 11:00 Ironmen In Wooden Boats
Tom Oungst, Rib Mt. WI 6-Sep 13 lb 04 oz 39.50 R Frog Bait Fishtrap O 8:40 Team Scaffidi
Tim Brzezinski, Mosinee  WI 6-Sep 13 lb 04 oz 38.00 R Obie Tail Fishtrap O 9:50 Team Swanson (Club)
Craig Johnson, West Bend WI 5-Sep 13 lb 01 oz 36.75 R Spinner Harris S 2:00 Team Musky Circus
Larry Pfeil, Lk. Geneva, WI 5-Sep 13 lb 37.00 R Johnny 5 High S 2:00 Team Betty
Ted Jozefiak, Antiak, Il 5-Sep 12 lb 15 oz 37.00 R Bucktail Manitowish Lake S 12:10 Team Gaa Oil
Dave Carroll, Rosco  IL 7-Sep 12 lb 08 oz 37.50 R Mepps High S 9:55  
Peter Brzezinski, Mosinee, WI 6-Sep 12 lb 08 oz 37.50 R Obie Tail High O 8:35 Team Swanson (Club)
Eugene Bantsevich, Belarus Minsk 6-Sep 12 lb 08 oz 37.00 R Depth Raider VanVliet O 12:05 Team Retreat (Club)
Tim Brzesinski, Mosinee WI 7-Sep 12 lb 08 oz 37.00 R Obie Tail High O 10:00 Team Swanson (Club)
Mark Nickel, Waupon WI 5-Sep 12 lb 38.00 R Giant Killer Wild Rice S 2:30 Club Kenna Ind.
Roy Ghiloni, Dumfries VA 6-Sep 11 lb 12 oz 37.00 R Mud Puppy S. Turtle S 11:00 Winchester Mafia
Richard Nutter, Wausau, WI 5-Sep 11 lb 12 oz 36.00 R Suick Harris S 2:00 Z104
Rod Wilcox, Presque Isle  WI 7-Sep 11 lb 08 oz 36.50 R Crane Bait Oxbow S 8:40 Team PI Pub
John Dedrich, Watertown WI 6-Sep 11 lb 04 oz 37.50 R Top Raider Horsehead S 11:50 Team Dave
Neil Coakley, Oconomowac  WI 5-Sep 11 lb 02 oz 36.00 R Rapala Jerk Bait High S 4:25 Team Evergreen
Chris Lesavage, Presque Isle WI 6-Sep 10 lb 8 oz 36.00 R Surface Bait Horsehead S 8:17 Team Retreat (Club)
Adam Johnson, Presque Isle  WI 6-Sep 10 lb 12 oz 35.25 R Depth Raider VanVliet O 11:25 Team Retreat (Club)
Gene Sari, Plainfield IL 7-Sep 10 lb 10 oz 36.00 R Mepps #5 Birch S 10:00  
Terry Doyle, Mazomamie  WI 6-Sep 10 lb 09 oz 35.00 R Smitty Bait High O 4:15 Scaffidi Motors
Rick DeGroot, Presque Isle  WI 6-Sep 10 lb 08 oz 36.50 R Bucktail Oxbow S 5:45 Team PI Pub
Terry Zastrow, Watertown  WI 6-Sep 10 lb 06 oz 37.00 R Dancing Raider Horsehead S 4:35 Team Dave
Dan Durant, Waupun,WI 6-Sep 10 lb 04 oz 36.00 R Squid Jig Wild Rice S 2:50 Kenna Industrial Club
Pete Stanich, Milwaukee  WI 6-Sep 10 lb 01 oz 36.00 R Bucktail Horsehead S 8:40 Team Retreat (Club)
Peter Brzezinski, Mosinee, WI 5-Sep 10 lb 36.50 R Obie Tail High O 2:10 Team Swanson (Club)
JerryHuffmaster, Beloit  WI 6-Sep 10 lb 35.00 R Bucktail Upper Gresham S 4:20  
Jim Lang, Plover  WI 7-Sep 10 lb 35.00 R Bucktail S. Turtle S 7:45 Plover Area Musky Hunters
Roger Kossert, West Bend  WI 6-Sep 09 lb 12 oz 36.00 R Bulldog High S 4:55 Team Beverly
Randy Puckett, Wausau  WI 6-Sep 09 lb 35.00 R Charlie Wild Rice S 12:15 Team Kessler
Joe Masterson 5-Sep   43.00 R   Trout O    
Karen Jasensky 7-Sep   43.00 R   Trout      
Harvey Gustafson, Pecatonia IL 5-Sep   41.50 R Thunderhead Island S 5:15 Team Swanson (Club)
William Edwards 5-Sep   39.00 R   Trout O    
John Eugster 5-Sep   38.00 R   Crab S    
Bill Droster, Madison  WI 7-Sep   37.50 R Bucktail Stone S 8:50  
Guy Schweik, Lombard Il 6-Sep   37.00 R Bl ack & silver Mepps VanVliet S 2:49 Team Owen
Brian Krause, Arlington Hts  IL 6-Sep   37.00 R Black Bucktail Island S 9:00  
John Eugster, Presque Isle  WI 7-Sep   37.00 R   Crab S    
Scott Jenkins, Silver Lk  WI 6-Sep   36.00 R Bucktail Wild Rice O 7:30  
Fred Bsser 6-Sep   35.50 R   S. Turtle S 12:20  
Dan Kempen 6-Sep   35.50 R   S. Turtle S 12.2  
John Moreau, Addison  WI 6-Sep   35.50 R Rapala High S 4:30  
Jerry Buss, Cottage Grove  WI 7-Sep   35.50 R Bulldog Wild Rice S 8:00  
Mike Thompson, Madison  WI 6-Sep   35.00 R Ernie Bait Crab S 9:15 Ironmen In Wooden Boats

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