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2005 Final Statistics
Number Name Date Length K/R Bait Lake Div Time Team/Club
1 Mark Wellstone, Sequel, CA 9-Sep 46.25 R Jake Presque Isle O 5:20 Team Retreat
2 Henry Hempe, Madison, Wi 9-Sep 45 R Unknown Presque Isle S 12:50 Ironmen In Wooden Boats
3 Jim Rennhack, Presque Isle, WI 9-Sep 45 R Giant Jackpot Boulder O 5:32  
4 Al Witt, Wis. Rapids, WI 9-Sep 44.125 R Buchertail Alder O 1:45 Team Scaffiddi
5 Mark Lenda, Oak Creek, WI 9-Sep 43.625 R Bucktail Rest S 6:05 Circle Lily Gang
6 Chris Fuller, Presque Isle, WI 9-Sep 43.5 R Depth Raider VanVliet S 3:45 Team Retreat
7 Joe Pairolero, Boulder Jct. WI 10-Sep 42.75 R Jake Presque Isle O 4:00 Team Retreat
8 Tim Kliest, Stoughton, WI 9-Sep 42.625 R Bucktail S. Turtle S 2:48 Team Weedbeds
9 Mike Bartosch, Evansville, WI 9-Sep 40.875 R Black Bucktail Island S 2:35 Team Slumpbusters
10 Mike Olson, Sparta WI 10-Sep 40.75 R Bucktail N. Turtle S 8:02 Musky Rush
11 Corey Schalow, Wausau, WI 9-Sep 40 R Suick Horsehead O 3:50 Team Swanson
12 Bruce Denzin, Oak Creek, WI 9-Sep 40 R Hawg Wobbler Rock S 3:50 Musky Circus
13 Daryl Hill, Presque Isle, WI 10-Sep 39.75 R Pig Oxbow O 2:50 PI Pub Team #1
14 Bill Pelkey, Lk. Nabagamon 9-Sep 39.24 R Mud Puppy High S 1:30 Sunfish Lunkers
15 Fred Esser, Rudolph,WI 11-Sep 39 R Top Raider Alder O 9:00 Team Scaffiddi
16 Tom Swanson, Boulder Jct., WI 11-Sep 39 R Obie Trout O   Team Swanson
17 Brian Schumann, Poinette, WI 11-Sep 39 R Reef Hawg S. Turtle S 10:40 Team Weedbeds
18 Marty Zblewski, St. Point, WI 10-Sep 38.75 R Yellow Bucktail Clear S 9:37 Team Kenna
19 Dave Sdano, Eden Prairie, MN 10-Sep 38.5 R Countdown Crab S   Ironmen In Alum. Boats
20 Rick Karcher, Mosinee, WI 9-Sep 38.375 R Crain Bait Horsehead O 5:35 Team Swanson
21 Robbi Weary, Presque Isle, WI  10-Sep 38 R Gramma Crab S   Team Retreat
22 Chuck Johnson, Maidson, WI 11-Sep 37.625 R Mepps Giant Killer Birch O 8:05 Musky Connection
23 Robert Wilhelm, Clintonville, WI 11-Sep 37.5 R Slowie High S 8:28 Team Swanson
24 Roy Gholoni, Dumfries, VA 11-Sep 37.25 R Bulldog S. Turtle S 10:00 Winchester Musky Mafia
25 Corey thompson, Seymor, Wi 9-Sep 37 R Bucktail Oxbow S 1:20 Team Swanson
26 Chuck Brod, Mosinee, WI 9-Sep 37 R Red Dog Clear S 5:05 Bill's Musky Club
27 Brandon Kleist, Portage, WI 9-Sep 37 R Bucktail Birch S 6:40 Team Weedbeds
28 Don Kempen, Wis. Rapids, WI 11-Sep 37 R Top Raider S. Turtle S 7:30 Winchester Musky Mafia
29 Dick Schauss, Boulder Jct, WI 9-Sep 36.875 R Bucktail Boulder S 1:40 Team Swanson
30 Todd Barden, Delafield, WI 10-Sep 36.625 R Bucktail Wild Rice S 9:42 Bruce City Musky Hunters
31 Tim Coakley, Oconomowoc, WI 9-Sep 36.5 R Spinner High S 5:37 Team Smoking Rods
32 Terry Prust, Oconomowoc, WI 10-Sep 36.5 R Sopee Fawn S 4:44 Rock River Outfitters
33 Bill Powers, Chicago, IL 11-Sep 36.5 R Bobbi Bait Boulder S 9:40 Team Swanson
34 Tim Noble, Boulder Jct, WI 9-Sep 36.375 R Bucktail Fishtrap O 3:15 Team Scaffiddi
35 Roger Schneider, Greenbush, WI 11-Sep 36.375 K Bulldog Boulder S 7:52 Team Swanson
36 John Johannes, Milwuakee, WI 9-Sep 36.25 R Bucktail Clear O 6:20 Musky Fix Club
37 Pat Reed, Eagle River, WI 9-Sep 36 R Bucktail Fishtrap S 1:53 Team Wahoo
38 Brad Schumann, Oregon, Wi 9-Sep 36 R Reef Hog S. Turtle S 2:38 Team Weedbeds
39 Kelly Dyre, Presque Isle, WI 9-Sep 36 R Green Pickle Horsehead S 4:55 Team Retreat
40 William Bork, Marion, WI 10-Sep 36 R Bulldog S. Turtle S    
41 Terry Nelson, Hayward, WI 10-Sep 36 R Spinner High S   Team Swanson
42 Leo Knutson, Wausau, WI 9-Sep 35.875 R Bucktail Alder S 6:55 Team Knu-mooski
43 Don Kempen, Wis. Rapids, WI 10-Sep 35.75 R Crank Bait S. Turtle S 5:50 Winchester Musky Mafia
44 Don Inbody, Sarasota FL 10-Sep 35.625 R Surface bait High S 5:50  
45 Mike Jablonki, Dousman, WI 9-Sep 35.5 R Bucktail High S 4:00 Team Smoking Rods
46 John Heidank, Presque Isle, WI 10-Sep 35.5 R Jointed Rapalla Horsehead O    
47 Dave McGaw, Oregon, WI 10-Sep 35.5 R Rad Dog Alder S 12:50 Musky Busters
48 Ken Deakin, Manitowish Waters, WI 10-Sep 35.5 R Bucktail Island S   Team D & B
49 Joyce Ryder, Merrill, WI 11-Sep 35.5 R Rizzo Whiz Stone S 8:15 Camp Holiday
50 Neil Coakley, Oconomowoc, WI 9-Sep 35.25 R Spinner High S 2:40 Team Smoking Rods
51 Mike Aushwitz, Waukesha, WI 10-Sep 35.125 R Triple D Island O 2:05 MT Livewells
52 Bill Wilson, Madison, WI 9-Sep 35 R Obie High S   Team Swanson
53 Greg Nutting, Glenview, IL 9-Sep 35 R Bucktail Boulder S   Team Swanson
54 Ed Zembroski, St. Francis, WI 9-Sep 35 R Bucktail High S    
55 Jerry Lekan, Presque Isle, WI 10-Sep 35 R Spinner Oxbow S   Team Realist

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