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Winners & Pics for 2007

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2007 Patch

Left to Right; WCMC President Beth Kebl, Sarah Fox who designed the button and Emily Sanderson who designed the patch, as part of the Art program at North Lakeland Elementary School


# fisherman registered 708
# of women registered 39
# of Clubs 10
# of Teams 66
# of Open Division fisherman 180
# of Sportsman fisherman 528
# of fish released 64
# of states represented 20
Total number of fish caught 66


            Sportsmen's Division

                        1st Place Larry Pfeil, Lake Geneva, WI            49              High Lake

                                    2nd Place Randall Krohn, Muskego, WI            45-3/4         Van Vliet (9/7)

                        3rd Place Mike Olson, Sparta, WI                   45-3/4         Rock (9/9)

                        4th Place Steve Monosa, Racine, WI              45               Wild Rice

                        5th Place Larry Pfeil, Lake Geneva, WI           44-1/2            High Lake

            Open Division

                        1st Place  Mark Wellstone, Santa Cruz, CA      47-1/4         Presque Isle

                        2nd Place -  Al Witt, Wisconsin Rapids, WI         44-3/4            Alder Lake

                        3rd Place  Mike Yeager, Stanley, WI               44-1/2            Birch Lake

            Largest Fish Released

                        1st Place  Larry Pfeil, Lake Geneva, WI            49                 High Lake

            Club Division

                        1st Place  Club Zastrow with 134-7/8

                        2nd Place Team Retreat with 124-1/4

                        3rd Place  Team Connaughty with 115-1/4

            Team Division

                        1st Place   Musky Rush with 126-3/4

                        2nd Place   Krohn Builders with 121-1/2

                        3rd Place -  MT Livewells with 117-1/2

            Deakin Memorial Trophy Emily Kilian, Marshall, WI    37

Sportsmanship Award - Matt Pachi/Steve Frank

Bill Sherer Award Recipient - Beth Kebl        

Township Traveling Trophy - Boulder Junction

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