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2008 Fish Roster FINAL

Number Name Date Length K/R Bait Lake Div Time Team/Club
1 Kent Thoma, Presque Isle, WI 5-Sep 40-1/2" R Jackpot Horsehead S 12:35P PI Pub
2 Jeff Schaefer, Madison, WI 5-Sep 36" R Bucktail Birch S 12:33P Musky Hunters
3 Larry Pfeil, Lake Geneva, WI 5-Seo 38" R Johnny 5 High S 1:00P Club Zastrow
4 Kyle Connaughty, Sun Prairie, WI 5-Sep 37" R Rapala Harris S 1:15P Team Connaughty
5 Kelly Ohlsson, Omro, WI 5-Sep 35" R Obie Tail Escanaba S 1:20P Boulder Boys
6 Scott Sturgeon, Winchester, WI 5-Sep 40-1/2" R Suick North Turtle S 1:10P Smoke On The Water
7 Dan Roe, Glencoe, MN 5-Sep 43-1/2" R Inhaler Island O 1:30P Club Catch 'Em
8 Warren Erdman, Marion, WI 5-Sep 37" R/W LeLure Island O 12:13P Club Catch 'Em
9 Bill Berenz, Delafield, WI 5-Sep 41-1/2" R Suick Fawn S 1:45P Chain Gang
10 Tim Grzegorczyk, Waterford, WI 5-Sep 40-1/2" R Inhaler South Turtle S 2:00P Circle Lily Gang
11 Jim Marohn, Presque Isle, WI 5-Sep 41" R Bulldawg Crab S 2:25P Team Retreat
12 Adam Johnson, Presque Isle, WI 5-Sep 35-1/4" R Grandma Presque Isle O 2:45P Team Retreat
13 Phil Bourbonais, Winchester, WI 5-Sep 37-1/2" R Piking Minnow North Turtle S 3:10P None
14 Roger Kossert, West Bend, WI 5-Sep 38" R Johnny 5 High S 3:28P Club Zastrow
15 Jerome Lekan, Chicago, IL 5-Sep 39-1/2" R Double Cowgirl Oxbow S 4:02P Team Reelist
16 Dave Sdano, Eden Prairie, MN 5-Sep 39" R/W Big Joe Crab O 12:50P None
17 Ian Pfeil, Arlington, VA 5-Sep 37" R Johnny 5 High S 4:48P Club Zastrow
18 Steve Pfeil, Traverse City, MI 5-Sep 46" R Johnny 5 High S 5:22P Club Zastrow
19 Robert Margis, Racine, WI 5-Sep 38-3/4" R Tiger Tube Fishtrap O 5:53P Boulder Marine
20 Greg Brewer, Black Earth, WI 5-Sep 36-3/4" R Top Raider High O 5:58P Team Master Baiters
21 Jason Brewer, Fond du Lac, WI 5-Sep 38" R Hawg Wobbler High O 6:21P Team Master Baiters
22 Dave Myrek, Fort Atkinson, WI 5-Sep 40-1/2" R Suick High S 6:23P Club Zastrow
23 Bob Laing, Highland Park, IL 5-Sep 35-1/4" R/W Bucktail High S 5:10P None
24 Tom Talaska, West Allis, WI 5-Sep 36" R/W Bucktail Alder S 2:30P None
25 Nate Osfar, Marathon, WI 5-Sep 35" R Pacemaker Island O 6:50P Empty Livewells
26 Darel Hill, Presque Isle, WI 5-Sep 40-1/4" R Homemade Oxbow S 6:59P PI Pub
27 Bill Wilson, Madison, WI 5-Sep 36" R/W Bagley High S 1:00P Club Catch 'Em
28 Linda Wilson, Madison, WI 5-Sep 35" R/W Bulldawg High S 4:30P Club Catch 'Em
29 Cameron Draws, McFarland, WI 6-Sep 38" R/W Bucktail Boulder S 6:15P None
30 Randy Puckett, Hatley, WI 6-Sep 42-3/4" R Bucktail Island S 7:50A Team Kessler
31 Mike Johnson, Cross Plains, WI 6-Sep 40-3/4" R Purple Showgirl North Turtle S 8:15A Pickled Hering
32 Mike Finnegan, Madison, WI 6-Sep 37-1/2" R Mojo Island S 8:45A Slump Busters
33 Scott Fontana, Savage, MN 6-Sep 48" R Surface High O 8:45A Musky Circus
34 Dave Sadloske, Humbird, WI 6-Sep 42" R Hawg Wobbler Harris S 8:10A Musky Rush
35 Phil Kluge, Marshall, WI 6-Sep 41-3/4" R Bucktail Wild Rice S 9:15A Team Kenna
36 Bob Krohn, Greenfield, WI 6-Sep 36-1/2" K Bulldawg Van Vliet S 9:45A Krohn Builders
37 Rick Parker, Neenah, WI 6-Sep 40-1/2" R Bucktail Oxbow S 10:05A PI Pub
38 John Wilson, Winchester, WI 6-Sep 44-1/2" R Suick South Turtle S 9:20A None
39 Jerry Georgeson, Oregon, WI 6-Sep 44-3/4" R Dungeon Tail Island S 10:40A Musky Buster
40 Will Pronath, Fredonia, WI 6-Sep 38-5/8" K Hawg Wobbler Island S 10:44A Team Feit
41 Louis Miller, Reedsburg, WI 6-Sep 44" R Bucktail Island S 11:23A None
42 Cal Johnson, Presque Isle, WI 6-Sep 42" R Bucktail Van Vliet O 12:00P Team Retreat
43 Bill King, Manitowish Waters, WI 6-Sep 40" R/W Believer Little Star S 12:15P None
44 Don Tlusty, Arbor Vitae, WI 6-Sep 46-1/2" R Black Bucktail Wild Rice S 1:40P Team Kessler
45 Delmer Brod, Mosinee, WI 6-Sep 43-1/8" R Surface Wild Rice S 2:06P Team Brod
46 Miles Krohn, Greenfield, WI 6-Sep 37-3/4" R Depth Raider Van Vliet S 1:50P Krohn Builders
47 Lee Rademan, West Bend, WI 6-Sep 40-1/2" K Johnny 5 Fishtrap S 3:10P Club Zastrow
48 Norm Brod, Mosinee, WI 6-Sep 43" R Top Raider Rest S 4:30P Team Brod
49 Bob Margis, Racine, WI 6-Sep 36-1/2" R Bucktail Fishtrap O 4:48P Boulder Marine
50 John Connolly, Schaumburg, IL 6-Sep 40" R Obie Tail High S 5:00P None
51 Randy Krohn, Muskego, WI 6-Sep 36-1/4" R Suick Van Vliet S 5:05P Krohn Builders
52 Rick DeGroot, Presque Isle, WI 6-Sep 41-1/4" R Jackpot Oxbow S 5:15P PI Pub
53 Jim Jablonski, Dousman, WI 6-Sep 36-1/4" R Bucktail High S 5:28P Men & Their Rods
54 Jim Marks, Waunakee, WI 6-Sep 37-3/4" R Cowgirl Island S 5:25P Slump Busters
55 Rick Unertl, Boulder Junction, WI 6-Sep 35-3/4" R Bulldawg High S 5:55P Team Kuske
56 Timm Raddatz, Amherst Junction, WI 6-Sep 37" R Legend High O 6:13P Tower Hill Team Adelaide
57 Dan Garvey, Milwaukee, WI 6-Sep 36-1/2" R Pacemaker Island O 6:15P Empty Livewells
58 Bill Wilson, Madison, WI 6-Sep 36" R/W Bagley High S 4:30P Club Catch 'Em
59 Bill Wilson, Madison, WI 6-Sep 35-1/2" R/W Bagley High S 4:45P Club Catch 'Em
60 Bill Wilson, Madison, WI 6-Sep 36" R/W Bagley High S 5:15P Club Catch 'Em
61 John Markham, Manitowoc, WI 6-Sep 42-1/2" R Bucktail Rest S 6:30P Team Kessler
62 Chris Monroe, Appleton, WI 6-Sep 38" R/W Hardhead Crab S 3:00P Team Retreat
63 Brian Schkirkie, Racine, WI 6-Sep 36-1/2" R Top Raider Birch S 6:55P None
64 Karen Jasensky, Sun Prairie, WI 7-Sep 36-1/4" R Obie Tail High S 8:10A Club Catch 'Em
65 Mark Suckow, Manitowish Waters, WI 7-Sep 35/1/4" R Tallywacker High S 8:30A None
66 Darrell Tollar, Green Bay, WI 7-Sep 39" R Split Tail Jake Escanaba S 8:50A Club Outcast
67 Lynn Graves, Winslow, IL 7-Sep 39-7/8" R Perch Rapala South Turtle S 8:30A None
68 Edward Zembroski, Milwaukee, WI 7-Sep 36" R/W Inhaler High S 8:00A None
69 Chad Johnson, Elburn, IL 7-Sep 35-3/4" R Jerk North Turtle S 10:20A None
70 Bill Wilson, Madison, WI 7-Sep 35" R/W Bagley High S 7:00A Club Catch 'Em
71 Lance Schweiger, Beaver Dam, WI 7-Sep 39-1/4" R Rubber Minnow Wild Rice S 10:55A Team Kenna


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