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Final 2009 Fish Roster
Number Name Date Length K/R Bait Lake Div Time Team/Club
1 Doug Noble, Kenmore, WA 9/11 39" R Double Cowgirl High S 12:15PM Boulder Boys
2 Mike Schnitzka, Nashotah, WI 9/11 39-1/2" R Bucktail Horsehead S 12:17PM Team Retreat
3 Todd Kleist, Endeavor, WI 9/11 35-1/2" R Bucktail Birch S 12:34PM Team Weedbeds
4 Lou Mirek, St. Germain, WI 9/11 40-3/4" R Pacemaker High S 12:24PM Club Zastrow
5 Bill Adelman, Reedsburg, WI 9/11 36-1/2" R Mepps Giant Killer Island S 1:10PM None
6 Dan Garvey, Pewaukee, WI 9/11 39-1/2" R Mepps Maribou Island O 1:20PM Cisco Kids
7 Henry Hempe, Madison, WI 9/11 39-1/2" R Bulldawg Presque Isle O 1:40PM Iron Men in Wooden Boats
8 Ian Pfeil, Arlington, VA 9/11 38" R DZ-10 High S 2:00PM Club Zastrow
9 Robert Krohn, Greenfield, WI 9/11 35" R Invader Van Vliet S 2:30PM Seek and Destroy
10 Boyd Zander, Chicago, IL 9/11 40-3/4" R Bulldawg Crab S 3:10PM None
11 Tom Dahl, Ingleside, IL 9/11 35" R/W Gramma Van Vliet O 12:50PM Team Paragon
12 Leo Crawley, Winchester, WI 9/11 37-3/4" R/W Suzy Sucker Harris O 2:10PM None
13 Terry Boneck, Waukesha, WI 9/11 37" R Rizzo Spider S 3:30PM Team Little Bohemia
14 Gary Tarnow, Hortonville, WI 9/11 35-1/2" R Obie Tail Boulder O 4:04PM Camp Holiday
15 Mark Olson, Alma Center, WI 9/11 37-3/4" R Dominatrix Birch S 4:30PM Musky Rush
16 Brandon Kleist, Endeavor, WI 9/11 35-3/4" R Bucktail Birch S 6:15PM Team Weedbeds
17 Steve Pfeil, Traverse City, MI 9/11 40" R DZ-10 High S 6:18PM Club Zastrow
18 Bruce Denzin, Oak Creek, WI 9/11 37-1/8" R Bucktail High O 6:23PM Musky Circus
19 Terrance Little, Murray, KY 9/11 35-1/2" R/W Daredevil Clear S 5:15PM Musky Lurers
20 Bobby Orr, Verona, WI 9/11 47-3/4" R Weagle Manitowish O 6:30PM Bobby Orr Guide Service
21 Bob Schumann, Pardeeville, WI 9/11 37-1/4" R Black Bucktail S. Turtle S 6:30PM Team Weedbeds
22 Ron Glenzer, Green Bay, WI 9/11 39-1/2" R Bucktail Clear S 6:30PM None
23 Bill Waugh, Presque Isle, WI 9/11 37" R Spinner Horsehead O 6:48PM PI Pub
24 Forbes Taylor, Presque Isle, WI 9/11 43" R Bulldawg Presque Isle O 6:45PM Team Retreat
25 Tim Noble, Boulder Junction, WI 9/11 35" R/W Grim Reaper High S 5:00PM Boulder Boys
26 Josh Lenda, Oak Creek, WI 9/12 39-1/2" R Cowgirl Alder S 7:44AM Circle Lily Gang
27 Craig Clark, Clam Lake, WI 9/12 39-1/2" R Eddie Bait High S 7:30AM Boulder Boys
28 Dave Carroll, Roscoe, IL 9/12 38-1/2" R Spinner High S 7:31AM Sunfish Lunkers
29 Mary Connolly, Schaumburg, IL 9/12 41" R O & B Bait High S 8:10AM None
30 Rick Lewis, Stevens Point, WI 9/12 37-1/2" R Rizzo Wild Rice S 9:15AM Team Kenna
31 Ian Pfeil, Arlington, VA 9/12 36-1/2" R DZ-10 High S 10:15AM Club Zastrow
32 Kurt Bjork, Boulder Junction, WI 9/12 37" R Rizzo Fishtrap  S 10:30AM None
33 Bob Brenza, Alsip, IL 9/12 40" R Leo Oxbow S 10:40AM PI Pub
34 Pat Brien, Green Bay, WI 9/12 40-1/2" R Bulldawg Presque Isle S 12:20PM None
35 Charles Gibson, Iron Mountain, MI 9/12 37-3/4" R Spinner Oxbow S 12:55PM Happy Hookers
36 Steve DeVitt, Wautoma, WI 9/12 37-1/2" R Bulldawg Spider O 1:05PM Cisco Kids
37 Bob Schumann, Pardeeville, WI  9/12 40-1/4" R Black Bucktail S. Turtle S 3:00PM Team Weedbeds
38 Elizabeth Sohnle, Milwaukee, WI 9/12 35-3/4" R Sohnletail High O 3:10PM Mugshots
39 Mark Peterson, Bedford Park, IL 9/12 40" R Black Spinner Alder S 3:15PM None
40 Jeff Orr, Verona, WI 9/12 35-3/4" R Bulldawg Manitowish O 4:01PM Bobby Orr Guide Service
41 Mark Olson, Alma Center, WI 9/12 38-1/2" R Dominatrix Birch S 4:25PM Musky Rush
42 Dave Sdano, Eden Prairie, MN 9/12 36" R/W Spastic Nitro Crab O 3:40PM None
43 Nick Asmondy, Greenfield, WI 9/12 35" R Bulldawg Van Vliet S 4:45PM Seek and Destroy
44 Jim Jasensky, Sun Prairie, WI 9/12 41-1/4" R Medusa High S 5:15PM Bob's Boys
45 Tim Kleist, Stoughton, WI 9/12 42-1/2" R Reef Hawg S. Turtle S 5:40PM Team Weedbeds
46 Linda Wilson, Madison, WI 9/12 41-1/4" R Obie Tail High S 5:30PM Catch 'Em
47 Dan Roe, Glencoe, MN 9/12 36" R/W Inhaler Island O 3:25PM Catch 'Em
48 Mike Pfeil, Hartland, WI 9/13 38-5/8" R Hawg Wobbler High S 7:37AM Club Zastrow
49 Chris Garcia, Albuquerque, NM 9/13 40" R Depth Raider Presque Isle O 9:40AM Team Retreat
50 Dean Waite 9/13 38-1/2" R/W Jerkbait S. Turtle S 9:00AM None


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