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2011 FINAL RESULTS by Length

Number Name Date Length K/R Bait Lake Div Time Team/Club
5 John Rumoro, Worth, IL 9-Sep 45-1/4" R Rapala Horsehead S 12:40 PM Club Zastrow
45 Gerald Ghiloni, Winchester, WI 10-Sep 45" R Jointed Buchertail Harris S 11:45 AM Winchester Musky Mafia
14 Brian Zander, Glenview, IL 9-Sep 44-7/8" R Bulldawg Crab S 3:30 PM Team Retreat
54 Rosanne Schneider, Mayville, WI 11-Sep 43-5/8" R Top Raider Van Vliet S 7:50 AM Team Rosey
56 Chris Pairolero, Winchester, WI 11-Sep 43-3/4" R Bulldawg Presque Isle O 8:52 AM Team Retreat
24 Geoff Crandall, Middleton, WI 9-Sep 43-1/8" R Bulldawg Presque Isle S 5:55 PM Iron Men in Wooden Boats
4 Chuck Brod, Mosinee, WI 9-Sep 43-1/2" R Bulldawg Fawn S 12:46 PM Bill's Musky Club
50 Rick Andersen, Oregon, WI 10-Sep 43" R Cowgirl Clear S 3:30 PM Muskie Busters
58 Josh Lenda, Oak Creek, WI 11-Sep 42" R Cowgirl Fawn S 9:10 AM Circle Lily Gang
35 Tom Oungst, Boulder Jct, WI 10-Sep 41-7/8" R Broadtail High O 8:10 AM Bob's Boys
59 Curt Louison, Racine, WI 11-Sep 41-1/8" R Cowgirl Wild Rice S 9:45 AM Team Kenna
43 Craig Steele, Windsor, WI 10-Sep 41-1/4" R Rubber Bluegill High O 11:30 AM Two Men & A Boat
9 Vaughn Hoefs, Sparta, WI 9-Sep 41-1/2" R Top Raider Rock S 2:40 PM Musky Rush
32 Roger Praefke, Muskego, WI 9-Sep 41-1/2" R Double Cowgirl Spider O 6:56 PM Krohn Builders
34 Lance Lehman, Spencer, WI 10-Sep 41" R Medusa Birch S 7:55 AM -
60 Jim Marks, Waunakee, WI 11-Sep 41" R Double Cowgirl Island S 10:05 AM Slump Busters
40 Jeremy Lawrence, Menasha, WI 10-Sep 40-3/4" R Medusa High S 9:40 AM Team Catch 'Em
6 Frank Grudzielanek, Cudahy, WI 9-Sep 40-1/4" R Double Cowgirl S Turtle S 1:00 PM Circle Lily Gang
42 Jason Fields, Appleton, WI 10-Sep 40-1/4" K Bucktail Alder S 10:45 AM -
7 Mike Olson, Sparta, WI 9-Sep 40" R Reef Hawg Rock S 1:06 PM Musky Rush
19 Tamara Schoeppe, Racine, WI 9-Sep 40" R Bucktail Birch S 4:50 PM -
29 Mark Disante, Rockford, IL 9-Sep 40" R Pacemaker High S 6:42 PM Sunfish Lunkers
38 Adam Johnson, Presque Isle, WI 10-Sep 40" R Cisco Kid Presque Isle O 9:16 AM Team Retreat
52 Rick Verna, Mukwonago, WI 10-Sep 40" R/W Bucher Shallow Raider Birch S 6:35 PM R/W
16 Dave Herman, Arbor Vitae, WI 9-Sep 39-7/8" R Bucktail Rest S 4:25 PM Team Kessler
26 Steve Twigg, Machesney Park, IL 9-Sep 39-7/8" R Showgirl High S 6:11 PM Sunfish Lunkers
12 Doug Noble, Seattle, WA 9-Sep 39-3/4" R Double Cowgirl High S 3:10 PM Boulder Boys
13 Paul Anctil, Lenexa, KS 9-Sep 39-1/2" R Cowgirl Island S 3:42 PM -
39 Miles Krohn, Greenfield, WI 10-Sep 39-1/2" R Bulldawg Van Vliet S 9:15 AM Team Backlash
22 Jeremy Raddatz, Wausau, WI 9-Sep 39" R Roadkill Tail High O 5:55 PM Tower Hill Team Adelaide
31 Cal Johnson, Presque Isle, WI 9-Sep 39" R Bulldawg Van Vliet O 6:40 PM Team Retreat
44 Brian Zander, Glenview, IL 10-Sep 39" R/W Bulldawg Crab S 10:30 AM R/W
51 Tim Connaughty, Sun Prairie, WI 10-Sep 38-3/8" R Bulldawg Harris S 4:05 PM Team Connaughty
11 Rick Bell, Portage, WI 9-Sep 38-1/2" R Black Bucktail Birch S 3:00 PM Team Weedbeds
28 Doug Kutz, Milwaukee, WI 9-Sep 38-1/2" R Bucktail S Turtle S 6:15 PM -
18 Troy Schroeder, Cross Plains, WI 9-Sep 38" R Bulldawg N Turtle S 4:35 PM Agony, Inc.
30 Brad Calder, Pewaukee, WI 9-Sep 38" R Billy Flipflop Boulder  S 6:30 PM Boulder Boys
33 Doug Radtke, Milwaukee, WI 10-Sep 38" R Suick Van Vliet S 7:30 AM Club Zastrow
36 Dave Sdano, Eden Prairie, MN 10-Sep 38" R/W Bulldawg Crab O 8:05 AM R/W
8 Timm Raddatz, Amherst Jct, WI 9-Sep 37-3/4" R Legend High O 2:12 PM Tower Hill Team Adelaide
48 Phil Williams, Winchester, WI 10-Sep 37-3/4" R Hawg Wobbler N Turtle O 2:35 PM Winchester Weed Wackers
10 Bob Krohn, Greenfield, WI 9-Sep 37-1/4" R Phantom Van Vliet S 2:50 PM Team Backlash
27 Mike Winkler, Little Suamico, WI 9-Sep 37-1/4" R Cowgirl High S 6:21 PM Team Catch 'Em
37 Levi Walker, Marenisco, MI 10-Sep 37-1/4" R Cisco Kid Presque Isle O 8:30 AM Team Retreat
23 David Carroll, Roscoe, IL 9-Sep 37-1/2" R Cowgirl High S 5:58 PM Sunfish Lunkers
41 Dan Wohlleber, Manitowish Wtrs, WI 10-Sep 37-1/2" R/W Live Action Papoose S 10:10 AM R/W
55 Dave Schroeder, Oshkosh, WI 11-Sep 37-1/2" R Baby Carson Boulder  S 8:47 AM Boulder Boys
1 Corey Schalow, Wausau, WI 9-Sep 37" R Suick Horsehead O 12:25 PM Club Outcast
47 Tony Curatola, Monona, WI 10-Sep 37" R Rubber Bait High O 1:30 PM Two Men & A Boat
53 Ken Reid, Presque Isle, WI 10-Sep 37" R/W Cowgirl Big O 5:30 PM R/W
3 Eric Wopinski, Portage, WI 9-Sep 36-1/2" R Shallow Invader S Turtle S 12:48 PM The Four Muskyteers
15 Ruben De La Fuente, Streamwood, IL 9-Sep 36" K Storm Perch Birch O 3:45 PM -
20 Jerry Georgeson, Oregon, WI 9-Sep 36" R Double 10 Bucktail Clear S 5:20 PM Musky Busters
25 Leonard Sigl, Cecil, WI 9-Sep 36" R DZ-15 Horsehead S 6:20 PM Club Zastrow
49 Howie Meyer, Presque Isle, WI 10-Sep 36" R/W Hardhead Crab O 2:45 PM R/W
17 Sheri Lawrence, Wausau, WI 9-Sep 35-3/4" R Enticer High S 4:29 PM Team Catch 'Em
57 Craig Steele, Windsor, WI 11-Sep 35-1/2" R Rubber Bluegill High O 9:12 AM Two Men & A Boat
2 Jim Bradley, Manitowish Waters, WI 9-Sep 35" R/W Bucktail Clear O 12:16 PM R/W
21 David Nichols, Pewaukee, WI 9-Sep 35" R/W Redeye Manitowish S 5:44 PM R/W
46 Ernie Stokes, Rockford, IL 10-Sep 35" R/W Shallow Raider High S 12:50 PM R/W


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