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Number Name Date Length K/R Bait Lake Div Time Team/Club
1 Bob Krohn, Eagle River, WI 7-Sep 41.5 R Double Cowgirl Van Vliet O 12:30 PM Krohn Builders
2 Austin Chart, Winchester, WI 7-Sep 36.25 R/W Unknown Birch S 1:10 PM RW  
3 Rick Granato, Merrill, WI 7-Sep 37 R/W Black Bucktail Harris S 2:30 PM RW - 8th Street Pub
4 Darel Hill, Presque Isle, WI 7-Sep 42.5 R Homemade Oxbow S 2:35 PM PI Pub Renegades
5 Terry Zastrow, Watertown, WI 7-Sep 39.5 R/W Johnny 5 Horsehead O 2:45 PM RW - Club Zastrow
6 Bob Wendt, Menasha, WI 7-Sep 35 R/W High Fin Oxbow S 2:50 PM RW
7 Paul Anctil, Lenexa, KS 7-Sep 39.5 R/W Double Cowgirl Island S 4:15 PM RW
8 Steve Shanks, Lodi, WI 7-Sep 36 R/W Wolly Pog Oxbow S 3:00 PM RW
9 Bruce Denzin, Oak Creek, WI 7-Sep 42.25 R Bucktail High O 5:09 PM Musky Circus
10 Brandon Kleist, Endeavor, WI 7-Sep 36 R/W Reef Hawg Birch S 1:30 PM RW - Team Weebeds
11 Todd Kleist, Poynette, WI 7-Sep 35 R/W Bucktail Birch S 12:40 PM RW - Team Weebeds
12 Chris Brady, Presque Isle, WI 7-Sep 36 R/W White Spinner Horsehead S 5:14 PM RW
13 Charles Schweiger, Oak Creek, WI 7-Sep 39.5 R/W Bucktail High O 5:20 PM RW - Musky Circus
14 Robert Sullivan, Edgerton, WI 7-Sep 37 R/W Top Water Boulder S 4:10 PM RW - Living The Dream
15 Dale Horton, Portage, WI 7-Sep 35.5 R/W Black Bucktail N Turtle S 4:00 PM RW - Musky Fever
16 Alex Campbell, Marshall, WI 7-Sep 36 R/W Spoon S Turtle O 6:15 PM RW - Chet's Crew
17 Rick Bell, Portage, WI 7-Sep 36 R/W Bucktail Birch S 1:00 PM RW - Team Weebeds
18 Rick Bell, Portage, WI 7-Sep 37 R/W Bucktail Birch S 4:00 PM RW - Team Weebeds
19 Rick Bell, Portage, WI 7-Sep 38.5 R/W Bucktail Birch S 5:30 PM RW - Team Weebeds
20 Dan Stultz, Slinger, WI 7-Sep 39 R/W Medusa Oxbow S 5:45 PM RW - Musky Dan & The Polish Mauer
21 Jim Brunker, Sun Prairie, WI 7-Sep 37 R/W Top Water S Turtle S 5:55 PM RW - Musky Mafia
22 John Markham, Manitowoc, WI 7-Sep 37 R/W Rubber Harry Stone S 1:00 PM RW - Team Kessler
23 Chris Wilke, Madison, WI 7-Sep 35 R/W Bucktail Fishtrap O 6:59 PM RW - Wittig's Point
24 Richard Schauss, Boulder Jct, WI 7-Sep 35 R/W Bucktail Boulder S 1:00 PM RW - Boulder Boys
25 Rick Anderson, Oregon, WI 7-Sep 36 R/W Cowgirl Clear S 5:50 AM RW - Muskie Busters
26 Gerry Frantz, Waunakee, WI 7-Sep 39 R/W Cowgirl Papoose O 6:30 PM RW - PI Pub Renegades
27 Jerry Gregorek, Boulder Junction 8-Sep 46.5 R Bucktail Clear S 7:40 AM Oswego Lake Resort
28 Scott Hockenberry, Lockport, IL 8-Sep 40.25 R Homemade Suick Van Vliet O 8:40 AM Bayview Lodge
29 Mark Ghiloni, Winchester, WI  7-Sep 39 R/W Top Raider S Turtle S 1:30 PM RW - Winchester Musky Mafia
30 Craig Clark, Boulder Jct, WI 8-Sep 36 R/W Bucktail High S 7:30 AM RW - Boulder Boys
31 Mark Baugnet, Denmark, WI 8-Sep 37 R/W Inhaler Birch S 9:00 AM RW - Birch Lake Musky Hunters
32 Craig Clark, Boulder Jct, WI 8-Sep 45.25 R Bucktail High S 10:45 AM Boulder Boys
33 Steve Sienhdel, Dousman, WI 8-Sep 37 R/W White Medusa Van Vliet S 10:45 AM RW - Club Zastrow
34 Chad Hansen, Plymouth, WI 8-Sep 37 R/W Plastic Swimbait Boulder S 10:30 AM RW - Team Swanson
35 Troy Bartz, Endeavor, WI 8-Sep 40.5 R Bucktail S Turtle S 12:00 PM Team Weedbeds
36 Jim Stein, Muscatine, IA 8-Sep 40 R/W Phantom High S 10:15 AM RW - Team OPH
37 Vaughn Hoefs, Sparta, WI 8-Sep 35.5 R/W Reefer S Turtle S 12:00 PM RW - Musky Rush
38 Mike Olson, Sparta, WI 8-Sep 37.75 R/W Reefer S Turtle S 9:00 AM RW - Musky Rush
39 Eric Klawitter, Portage, WI 8-Sep 43.5 R Spoon Clear S 2:40 PM Four Muskyteers
40 Randy Puckett, Hatley, WI 8-Sep 35 R/W Kessler Cocktail Island S 10:00 AM RW - Team Kessler
41 Sam Winkler, Little Suamico, WI 8-Sep 43 R Obie Topper Big S 4:00 PM Catch 'Em
42 Rick Freeman, Arbor Vitae, WI 8-Sep 48 R Creeper Island S 4:45 PM Free The Muski
43 Terry Weiten, North Aurora, IL 8-Sep 39 R/W Yellow Bucktail Boulder S 2:00 PM RW - Boulder Beer Bar
44 Louis Miller, Reedsburg, WI 8-Sep 40.5 R Mepps Musky Killer Island S 4:50 PM  
45 Shane Sweeney, Stevens Point, WI 8-Sep 35 R/W Bucktail Stone S 4:00 PM R/W
46 Geoffrey Crandall, Middleton, WI 8-Sep 37 R/W Depth Raider Crab S 1:15 PM RW - Iron Men in Wooden Boats
47 Mike Hewitt, Madison, WI 8-Sep 43.5 R Mepps   Clear S 5:30 PM Slump Busters
48 Doug Radtke, Milwaukee, WI 8-Sep 37.75 R/W Suick Horsehead S 8:00 AM RW - Club Zastrow
49 Darrell Fritz, Rothschild, WI  8-Sep 43.25 R Top Raider Wild Rice S 5:50 PM Bill's Musky Club
50 John Ryder, Rochester, MN 8-Sep 43.75 R Hawg Wobbler S Turtle S 5:25 PM Musky Rush
51 Tim Kleist, Pardeeville, WI 8-Sep 37 R/W Reef Hawg S Turtle S 8:00 AM RW - Team Weebeds
52 Kyle Hill, Mercer, WI 8-Sep 36 R/W Homemade Oxbow S 5:35 PM RW - PI Pub Renegades
53 Robert Wilhelm, Clintonville, WI 8-Sep 39 R/W Slowie Clear O 10:45 AM RW - Wittig's Point
54 Gordy Drygalski, Clintonville, WI 8-Sep 36 R/W Medusa Oxbow S 6:00 PM RW - Musky Dan & The Polish Mauer
55 Corey Schalow, Wausau, WI 8-Sep 38.5 R/W Suick Wild Rice S 12:20 PM RW - Team Gooch
56 Brian Mikkelson, Evansville, WI 8-Sep 36 R/W Wopper Popper Rest O 6:20 PM RW - PI Pub Renegades
57 Steve Burton, Madison, WI  9-Sep 45 R Cowgirl Rest O 7:25 AM Slump Busters
58 Charlie Horton, Prairie du Sac, WI 9-Sep 43.625 R Cigar Rest S 7:20 AM Circle Lily Gang
59 Cal Johnson, Presque Isle, WI 8-Sep 39 R/W Bulldawg Presque Isle O 6:30 PM RW - Team Retreat
60 Tom Voeck, Sun Prairie, WI 8-Sep 35.125 R/W Tyrant Presque Isle S 1:30 PM RW - TNT Fishing Team
61 Josh Lenda, Cudahy, WI 9-Sep 42 R Medusa Island S 9:00 AM Circle Lily Gang
62 Tom Oungst, Boulder Junction, WI 9-Sep 41.25 R Broad Tail Big O 9:05 AM Bob's Boys
63 Evan Oungst, Arbor Vitae, WI 9-Sep 47.25 R Ram-It Big O 9:05 AM Bob's Boys
64 Bob Krohn, Eagle River, WI 9-Sep 39.25 R/W Bulldawg Van Vliet O 9:10 AM R/W
65 Steve Monosa, Racine, WI 9-Sep 37 R/W Black Buchertail Wild Rice S 7:45 AM RW - Team Kenna
66 Tom Benishek, Schofield, WI 9-Sep 37 R/W Bucktail Big S 9:15 AM R/W - Catch 'Em
67 Steve Reinstra, Madison, WI 9-Sep 40.5 R Squirrelly Ltl Ernie Crab S 10:15 AM Iron Men in Wooden Boats

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