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Number Name Date Length K/R Bait Lake Div Time Team/Club
2 Paul Jacobs, Sauk City, WI 6-Sep 45.5 R Cowgirl Manitowish O 1:20 PM Thunder From Up Yonder
31 Andrew Weiss, Wausau, WI 7-Sep 45.25 R   Top Water Boulder S 11:25 AM Camp Holiday
3 Steve Buss, Cottage Grove, WI 6-Sep 45.125 R Ernie Island S 1:25 PM None
57 Gerry Frantz, Waunakee, WI 8-Sep 44.125 R    Leo Bait Alder O 10:55 AM PI Pub Renegades
56 Tim Grzegorczyk, Waterford, WI 8-Sep 43.625 R    Inhaler South Turtle S 10:00 AM Circle Lily Gang
39 Jake Walish, Marshfield, WI 7-Sep 43.25 R   Bucktail      Rest S 3:45 PM Team Kessler
41 Jake Geurts, Appleton, WI 7-Sep 43.25 Suick Fawn S 4:36 PM Mad Apple Hookers
25 Rick Clem, Winchester, WI  7-Sep 42.5 R   Rubber Minnow North Turtle S 8:05 AM Winchester Weed Wackers
40 Scott Johnson, Minocqua, WI 7-Sep 42.5 R Bucktail   Rest O 4:00 PM Broken Oar
23 Tim Connaughty, Sun Prairie, WI 7-Sep 42.25 Top Raider Harris S 7:20 AM Townline Sports
4 Mike Pfeil, Hartland, WI 6-Sep 42 R Whopper Popper High O 1:27 PM Team Zastrow
1 Dave Carroll, Roscoe, IL 6-Sep 41.5 R Cowgirl High S 12:48 PM Sunfish Lunkers
26 Leo Trzesniak, Presque Isle, WI 7-Sep 41.5 R   Leo Bait Wild Rice O 8:15 AM PI Pub Renegades
24 Levi Walker, Marenisco, MI 7-Sep 41 R   Bulldawg Presque Isle O 8:00 AM Team Retreat
36 Greg Bills, Madison, WI 7-Sep 41 R   Spinner High S 3:25 PM Team Zastrow
8 Mark Ghiloni, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 6-Sep 40.25 R/W Top Raider South Turtle S 3:50 PM N/A
6 Landy Roepke, Boulder Junction, WI 6-Sep 40.125 Suick Clear S 2:25 PM June Bug Oswego Lake Resort
38 Mark Ramthun, Elkhorn, WI 7-Sep 40.125 R   Bucktail Wild Rice S 4:00 PM Team Bite Me
12 Jerome Corcoran, Roscoe, IL 6-Sep 40 Bucktail Spinner High S 5:05 PM Sunfish Lunkers
27 Chad Allen, Green Bay, WI 7-Sep 40 R Crank Bait Presque Isle O 9:50 AM Carlin Club Bulldogs
48 Mike Aushwitz, Waukesha, WI 7-Sep 40 R    Medusa Harris O 5:45 PM Krohn Builders
19 Jeannie Thruman, Stoughton, WI 6-Sep 39.75 R/W Cisco Crankbait Spider O 12:20 PM N/A
49 Heidi Belling, Beaver Dam, WI 7-Sep 39.5 R/W Triple D Crab S 4:30 PM N/A
13 Chad Govin, Appleton, WI 6-Sep 39 R/W Bucktail   Birch O 4:40 PM N/A
10 Mike Schneider, Greenbush, WI 6-Sep 38 R/W Radtke Boulder S 12:30 PM N/A
18 Pat McConnell, Madison, WI 6-Sep 38 R/W Bucktail   Clear S 5:00 PM N/A
33 Pat Connaughty, Sheboygan, WI  7-Sep 38 R/W Bobby Bait Harris S 11:30 AM N/A
42 Jason Sanderson, Appleton, WI 7-Sep 38 R/W Mepps Rest S 4:50 PM N/A
51 Rick Karcher, Mosinee, WI 7-Sep 38 R/W Bulldawg Papoose O 5:15 PM N/A
54 Mark Ramthun, Elkhorn, WI 8-Sep 38 R/W Bucktail   Wild Rice S 9:00 AM N/A
22 Rick Unertl, Boulder Junction, WI 6-Sep 37.5 R/W DJ Shallow Rdr Oxbow O 2:00 PM N/A
34 Brian Groll, Fond Du Lac, WI 7-Sep 37.5 R/W Bucktail      Crab S 1:30 PM N/A
5 Jerry Gregorek, Boulder Junction, WI 6-Sep 37 R/W Bucktail Clear S 12:44 PM N/A
32 Brian Bures, Wausau, WI 7-Sep 37 R/W Jerk Bait Oxbow O 9:00 AM N/A
44 Ryan Brunker, Mount Horeb, WI  7-Sep 37 R/W Medusa Wild Rice O 4:30 PM N/A
35 Lyle Jens, Elkhart Lake, WI 7-Sep 36.5 R/W Bucktail    Boulder S 10:10 AM N/A
45 Bryan Taylor, Savage, MN 7-Sep 36.5 R/W Squirrely Harris O 4:00 PM N/A
30 Bryan Schumann, Cottage Grove, WI 7-Sep 36.5" R/W Bucktail    Birch S 9:00 AM N/A
9 Larry Weiten, Naples, FL 6-Sep 36 R/W Rizzo Tail Fishtrap S 2:00 PM N/A
11 Dennis Justman, Iron Ridge, WI 6-Sep 36 R/W Bulldawg Fishtrap S 1:11 PM N/A
15 Brendan Laing, Middleton, WI 6-Sep 36 R/W Suick Birch O 3:00 PM N/A
37 Johnny Behrendt, Lombard, IL 7-Sep 36 R/W Spinner Manitowish S 3:30 PM N/A
43 Dave Sdano, Eden Prairie, MN 7-Sep 36 R/W Crankbait Crab O 4:28 PM N/A
53 Tom Benishek, Wausau, WI 8-Sep 36 R/W Obie Tail High S 9:00 AM N/A
17 Ken Schumann, Pardeeville, WI 6-Sep 35.5 R/W Bucktail   Birch S 12:30 PM N/A
20 Vaughn Hoefs, Sparta, WI  6-Sep 35.5 R/W Bulldawg Rock S 1:50 PM N/A
28 Dick Schauss, Muskego, WI 6-Sep 35.5 R/W Bucktail    Boulder S 5:30 PM N/A
29 Bob Myers, Eau Claire, WI 7-Sep 35.5 R/W Top Raider Big O 10:40 AM N/A
58 Steve Chart, Winchester, WI 8-Sep 35.25 R/W Suick Birch S 10:50 AM NA
7 Dan Bessert, Green Bay, WI 6-Sep 35 R/W Bucktail Birch S 1:00 PM N/A
14 Les Kuklinski, Manitowoc, WI 6-Sep 35 R/W Tallywacker High S 2:00 PM N/A
16 Rob Lemke, Appleton, WI 6-Sep 35 R/W Bucktail   Birch O 12:45 PM N/A
21 Brad Schumann, Oregon, WI 6-Sep 35 R/W Bucktail    Birch S 5:45 PM N/A 
46 Tom Weigand, Verona, WI 7-Sep 35 R/W Bulldawg Horsehead S 4:15 PM N/A
47 Les Kuklinski, Manitowoc, WI   7-Sep 35 R/W Depth Raider High O 4:45 PM N/A
50 Tod Cwiklinski, Milwaukee, WI 7-Sep 35 R/W Shallow Invader Horsehead S 5:45 PM N/A
52 Linda Wilson, Madison, WI 8-Sep 35 R/W Obie Tail High S 7:20 AM N/A
55 Mike Aushwitz, Waukesha, WI 8-Sep 35 R/W Cowgirl Harris O 7:55 AM N/A

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