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Number Name Date Length K/R Bait Lake Div Time Team/Club
1 Leonard Sigl, Cecil, WI 8-Sep 45" R Johnny 5 Horsehead S 1:21 PM Club Zastrow
2 Justin Kuske, Rome, WI 8-Sep 41" R Shallow Raider Van Vliet O 2:11 PM Krohn Builders
3 Kevin Mancl, Milladore, WI 8-Sep 45-5/8" R Needlefish Island O 2:45 PM  
4 Michael Dietz, Batavia, IL 8-Sep 45" R Inhaler Van Vliet S 3:15 PM Team Owen
5 Angela Buss, Cottage Grove, WI 8-Sep 36" R/W Cowgirl Clear S 4:34 PM  
6 Gary Tarnow, Whitelaw, WI 8-Sep 37-1/8" R/W OB Tail Boulder O 5:00 PM  
7 Michael Olson, Sparta, WI 8-Sep 35-1/2" R/W Top Raider South Turtle S 4:50 PM  
8 Laura Pethke, Oak Creek, WI 8-Sep 36" R/W Bulldawg Birch S 4:30 PM  
9 Jerry Georgeson, Oregon, WI 8-Sep 38" R/W Poseiden Clear S 5:24 PM  
10 Shawn Andersen, Belleville, WI 8-Sep 36" R/W Suick Clear S 5:24 PM  
11 Frank Grudzielanek, Cudahy, WI 8-Sep 44" R Cowgirl South Turtle S 5:10 PM Circle Lily Gang
12 Dakota Van Frachen, DePere, WI 8-Sep 41-1/2" R Black Topwater Big S 5:40 PM Wittig's Point
13 Rob Lemke, Appleton, WI 8-Sep 38" R/W Bucktail South Turtle O 5:45 PM  
14 Tony Alexander, Montello, WI 8-Sep 38-1/2" R/W Hawg Wobbler Rock S 5:56 PM  
15 Eric Wopinski, Westfield, WI 8-Sep 36-1/2" R/W Bucktail South Turtle S 6:00 PM  
16 Jeff Gibson, Boulder Junction, WI 8-Sep 40-1/2" R Double Bucktail Island S 5:58 PM Ye Olde Shillelagh
17 Riley Simmons, Minocqua, WI 8-Sep 37" R/W Bobby Bait Crab O 5:55 PM  
18 Troy Bartz, Endeavor, WI 8-Sep 35-1/2" R/W Reef Hawg Harris S 5:55 PM  
19 Josh Lenda, Cudahy, WI 9-Sep 43-1/2" R Dadson Island S 7:15 AM Circle Lily Gang
20 Gerry Frantz, Waunakee, WI 9-Sep 50-1/2" R Leo Jr Alder O 7:30 AM PI Pub Renegades
21 Steve Reinstra, Madison, WI 9-Sep 42-1/2" R Livingston Crab S 9:30 AM Iron Men in Wooden Boats
22 Michael Kolarchek, Madison, WI 9-Sep 40-3/4" R Bulldawg Clear S 11:30 AM Musky Marksmen
23 Devon Ray, West Allis, WI 9-Sep 38" R/W Angry Dragon Horsehead O 12:10 PM  
24 Rob Friedley, Manitowish Waters, WI 9-Sep 44-3/4" R Bucktail Manitowish O 12:25 PM Wildmen Solutions
25 Bryan Calnin, Montello, WI 9-Sep 35-1/2" R/W Bucktail South Turtle S 12:15 PM  
26 Bob Marksteiner, Boulder Junction, WI 9-Sep 36-1/2" R/W Jerkbait Boulder S 1:12 PM  
27 Jake Walish, Marshfield, WI 9-Sep 43" R Bucktail Rest S 1:07 PM Ye Olde Shillelagh
28 Michael Olson, Sparta, WI 9-Sep 37" R/W Duane-o South Turtle S 2:30 PM  
29 Tony Alexander, Montello, WI 9-Sep 37-1/4" R/W Suick South Turtle S 3:30 PM  
30 John Katz, Arbor Vitae, WI 9-Sep 35" R/W Suick Wild Rice S 3:40 PM  
31 Gary Tarnow, Whitelaw, WI 9-Sep 35-1/2" R/W OB Tail Boulder O 3:44 PM  
32 Jim Bayer, New Berlin, WI 9-Sep 38" R/W Angry Dragon Horsehead O 4:24 PM  
33 Laken Walker, Marenisco, MI 9-Sep 43-3/4" R Showgirl Oxbow O 5:30 PM Team Retreat
34 Kai Hanson, Mercer, WI 9-Sep 39" R/W Top Raider Presque Isle O 11:00 AM  
35 Steve Smith, Presque Isle 10-Sep 38-1/2" R/W Hard Head Crab O 8:15 AM  
36 Max Wallace, Presque Isle 10-Sep 41-1/4" R Double Dawg Presque Isle O 8:29 AM Team Retreat
37 Chris Ringenoldus, Brookfield, WI 10-Sep 38" R/W Bucktail High S 8:30 AM  
38 Bill Berenz, Delafield, WI 10-Sep 38" R/W Bucktail Manitowish S 9:30 AM  
39 Justin Johnson, Milwaukee, WI 10-Sep 47" R Angry Dragon Horsehead O 9:50 AM Team Retreat
40 Mike Ahnen, Rolling Meadows, IL 10-Sep 47-1/4" R Bulldawg Van Vliet S 10:00 AM Team Retreat
41 Rob Lemke, Appleton, WI 10-Sep 35-1/2" R/W Bucktail South Turtle O 10:12 AM  
42 Dan Nichols, Franklin, WI 10-Sep 36" R/W Burt Bait Manitowish S 10:49 AM  
43 Geoff Crandall, Middleton, WI 10-Sep 38" R/W Triple D Crab S 10:50 AM  

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