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Number Name Date Length K/R Bait Lake Div Time Team/Club
1 Joel Schultz, Waupun, WI 7-Sep 44-1/4" R Bucktail Big O 12:15 PM  
2 Andrew Weiss, Wausau, WI 7-Sep 41" R Big Sexy Boulder S 1:30 PM Camp Holiday
3 Mason Byrnes, Roscoe, IL 7-Sep 42-1/2" R Depth Raider Van Vliet S 2:12 PM Team Retreat
4 Steve Smith 7-Sep 37-1/4" R/W Hard Head Crab O 3:13 PM  
5 Russel Lee, Pleasant Prairie, WI 7-Sep 41-1/4" R Mepps Island O 3:40 PM Carlin Bulldogs
6 Chuck Brod, Mosinee, WI 7-Sep 36-1/4" R/W Rad Dog Clear S 4:23 PM  
7 Andrew Gil, Cary, IL 7-Sep 37" R/W Mepps Van Vliet S 4:47 PM  
8 Vaughn Hoefs, Sparta, WI 7-Sep 38" R/W Top Raider Rock S 4:55 PM  
9 Cory Herwig, Portage, WI 7-Sep 35-3/4" R/W Bucktail North Turtle S 5:15 PM  
10 Dan Roe, Glencoe, MN 7-Sep 37-3/4" R/W Obie Tail Island O 5:40 PM  
11 Ryan Skidmore, Libertyville, IL 7-Sep 37" R/W Bucktail Boulder S 5:37 PM  
12 Doug Kutz, DePere, WI 7-Sep 37" R/W Bucktail South Turtle S 5:58 PM  
13 Ryan Wahlgren, Park Falls, WI 8-Sep 42-1/4" R Baby Beaver Manitowish O 8:03 AM Pilotfish
14 Andy Friedley, Manitowish Waters, WI 8-Sep 35" R/W Bulldawg Rest O 9:15 AM  
15 Stuart Athey, Troy, OH 8-Sep 35" R/W Buchertail Wild Rice S 10:38 AM  
16 Paul Davidson, Salem, WI 8-Sep 42-1/4" R White Bucktail Clear S 10:45 AM Ghost Riders
17 Robert Cribben, Chicago, IL 8-Sep 35-1/2" R/W Top Raider Wild Rice S 10:40 AM  
18 Disqualified per WCMC Rules Committee 8-Sep   R/W          
19 Adam Simonis, Appleton, WI 8-Sep 42-1/4" R Cowgirl Horsehead O 10:50 AM Hook, Line & Drinkers
20 Rick McClellan, Manitowish Waters, WI 8-Sep 41" R Fat Bastard Alder O 11:16 AM Pilotfish
21 Bruce Zemanovic, Muskego, WI 8-Sep 36" R/W Wapper Plopper Oxbow O 11:15 AM  
22 Chad Govin, Appleton, WI 8-Sep 35" R/W Glider Harris O 11:45 AM  
23 Brad Gould, Belleville, WI 8-Sep 40" R Tuds Special Island S 11:46 AM Townline Sports
24 Jeremy Lawence, Appleton, WI 8-Sep 35" R/W Nauti Lure Clear O 10:30 AM  
25 Bruce Denzin, Oak Creek, WI 8-Sep 36-1/4" R/W Fathom Soft Tail High O 12:57 PM  
26 Dave Sdano, Eden Prairie, MN 8-Sep 37" R/W Bulldawg Crab O 12:50 PM  
27 Mike Olson, Sparta, WI 8-Sep 36-1/2" R/W Reef Hawg Rock S 2:40 PM  
28 Bobby Laing, Chicago, IL 8-Sep 39" R/W Rizz Wizz Fishtrap O 2:30 PM  
29 Tony Alexander, Montello, WI 8-Sep 35-1/4" R/W Bucktail Rock S 3:16 PM  
30 Tom Whitman, Boulder Junction, WI 8-Sep 38" R/W Bulldawg High O 3:30 PM  
31 Ryan Zylka, Park Falls, WI 8-Sep 39" R/W Bucktail Birch O 5:45 PM  
32 Scott Eiden, Appleton, WI 8-Sep 35" R/W Black Bucktail Harris O 5:20 PM  
33 Laken Walker, Marenisco, MI 9-Sep 37-1/2" R/W Showgirl Oxbow O 7:07 AM  
34 Jerry Georgeson, Oregon, WI 9-Sep 39-1/2" R/W Obnoxious B Clear S 10:15 AM  
35 Chuck Pohlman, Sauk City, WI 9-Sep 35" R/W Suick Harris O 9:50 AM  
36 Vaughn Hoefs, Sparta, WI 9-Sep 35" R/W Bulldawg Rock S 10:46 AM  
37 Dayne Zastrow, Ixonia, WI 9-Sep 38" R/W Squirrely Bert Horsehead O 10:45 AM  
38 Mike Aushwitz, Waukesha, WI 9-Sep 37-1/2" R/W Cowgirl Alder O 10:50 AM  


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