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Number Name Date Length K/R Bait Lake Div Time Team/Club
61 Jake Trussoni, North Prairie, WI 8-Sep 46-1/2" R Bucktail Rest S 10:30 AM Law Dawgs
47 Isaac Hoffmaster, Madison, WI 7-Sep 45-1/4" R Bucktail Clear O 3:05 PM Catch 'Em
46 Aaron Raynoha, Monona, WI 7-Sep 45" R Lake-X Toad Rest O 1:30 PM Tower Hill Team Adelaide
15 Rick McClellan, Manitowish Waters, WI 6-Sep 43-1/2" R Bucktail Wild Rice O 4:15 PM Team Pilotfish
45 Steve Smith, Presque Isle, WI 7-Sep 43-1/2" R Livingston Crab O 12:30 PM Iron Men in Wooden Boats
2 Josh Lenda, Cudahy, WI 6-Sep 43" Bucktail Spider S 12:51 PM Circle Lily Gang
3 Jeff Comp, Prior Lake, MN 6-Sep 43" R Bucktail North Turtle S 1:12 PM  
4 Jason Key, Cary, IL 6-Sep 42-3/4" R Bulldawg Presque Isle S 1:25 PM Team Retreat
55 Tom Zeihen, Watersmeet, MI 8-Sep 41-1/8" R Cisco Kid Little Star S 7:39 AM Ghost Riders
59 Judd Tlusty, Arbor Vitae, WI 8-Sep 41-1/8" R Chatter Bait Island S 10:00 AM Dockshop
12 Jim Weiss, Conover, WI 6-Sep 41-1/2" R Top Raider Boulder S 3:34 PM Camp Holiday
14 Landy Roepke, Boulder Junction, WI 6-Sep 41-1/2" R Rabid Squirrel Stone S 4:05 PM Junebug's Oswego Lake Resort
7 Brandon Kleist, Endeavor, WI 6-Sep 40-1/8" R Bucktail Birch S 2:30 PM Team Weedbeds
29 Jerry Gregorek, Boulder Junction, WI 7-Sep 40-1/2" R Bucktail Clear S 8:53 AM Junebug's Oswego Lake Resort
35 Mark Ghiloni, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 7-Sep 40" R/W Shallow Raider South Turtle O 10:00 AM  
50 Dan Houk, Pardeeville, WI 7-Sep 40" R Bucktail High S 3:45 PM Weedbed Wannabes
17 Mitch Houk, Portage, WI 6-Sep 39-1/4" R/W Diver High S 5:35 PM  
24 Rick Karcher, Mosinee, WI 6-Sep 39-1/4" R/W Suick Island O 5:59 PM  
18 Dan Houk, Pardeeville, WI 6-Sep 39-1/2" R/W Bucktail High S 5:37 PM  
56 Paul Healey, Traverse City, MI 8-Sep 39-1/2" R/W Bucktail Wild Rice S 8:22 AM  
1 Kim Mampe, Sturtevant, WI 6-Sep 39-1/2 R/W Fat Bastard Clear S 12:30 PM  
6 Tami Verna, Lake Geneva, WI 6-Sep 39" R/W Unknown Birch S 12:20 PM  
22 Matthew Olson, Warrens, WI 6-Sep 39" R/W Suzi Bob North Turtle S 5:59 PM  
23 Ian Pfeil, Milwaukee, WI 6-Sep 39" R/W Mepps 5 Manitowish O 5:59 PM  
19 Kody Korb, Montello, WI 6-Sep 38-1/2" R/W Baby Beaver Harris S 5:35 PM  
62 Rob Trewick, Farmington, MN 8-Sep 38-1/2" R/W Cattail Rat Island S 10:25 AM  
51 Brad Calder, Brookfield, WI 7-Sep 38"  R/W Johnny 5 High S 5:15 PM  
33 Guy Schweik, Sugar Grove, IL 7-Sep 38" R/W Bucktail Presque Isle S 9:45 AM  
49 Levi Walker, Presque Isle, WI 7-Sep 38" R/W Shallow Raider Horsehead O 3:45 PM  
52 Lou Mirek, St. Germain, WI 7-Sep 38" R/W Shallow Dog North Turtle O 5:30 PM  
58 David Schroeder, Winneconne, WI 8-Sep 38" R/W Bulldawg High S 9:55 AM  
30 Dave Sdano, Eden Prairie, MN 7-Sep 37-1/4" R/W Depth Raider Crab O 9:18 AM  
20 Andy Williams, Sheboygan, WI 6-Sep 37-1/2" R/W Musky Killer Birch S 5:16 PM  
34 Brad Calder, Brookfield, WI 7-Sep 37-1/2" R/W U Care Boulder S 9:30 AM  
9 Steve Smith, Presque Isle, WI 6-Sep 37" R/W Livingston Crab O 12:09 PM  
21 Mike Brod, Mosinee, WI 6-Sep 37" R/W Brown Bucktail Wild Rice S 5:59 PM  
26 Justin Johnson, Eagle River, WI 6-Sep 37" R/W Swimming Dog Horsehead O 6:00 PM  
39 John Connaughty, Winchester, WI 7-Sep 37" R/W Bucktail Harris S 11:00 AM  
54 Brian Schumann, Portage, WI 7-Sep 37" R/W Bucktail Birch S 5:30 PM  
57 Mitchell Olson, Alma Center, WI 8-Sep 37" R/W Bucktail Rock S 8:45 AM  
13 Mark Ghiloni, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 6-Sep 36-1/2" R/W Streamer (Fly) South Turtle O 3:55 PM  
37 Tim Connaughty, Sun Prairie, WI 7-Sep 36-1/2" R/W Spanky Fireball Wild Rice S 10:50 AM  
40 Mitch Houk, Portage, WI 7-Sep 36-1/2" R/W Slim Bait High S 11:25 AM  
53 Andrew Gil, Cary, IL 7-Sep 36-1/2" R/W Whopper Stopper Horsehead S 4:45 PM  
5 Jeff Eberle, Beaver Dam, WI 6-Sep 36" R/W Glider Van Vliet S 1:35 PM  
25 Justin Johnson, Eagle River, WI 6-Sep 36" R/W Swimming Dog Horsehead O 6:00 PM  
27 Randy Puckett, Wausau, WI 7-Sep 36" R/W Bucktail Island S 7:14 AM  
36 Dan Nichols, Franklin, WI 7-Sep 36" R/W Redeye Little Star S 10:30 AM  
41 Dakota Van Frachen, DePere, WI 7-Sep 36" R/W Bucktail Big S 11:40 AM  
44 Dan Heder, Boulder Junction, WI 7-Sep 36" R/W Bucktail Birch O 11:45 AM  
48 Ben Grove, Columbus, WI 7-Sep 35-3/4" R/W Torque Wild Rice S 3:20 PM  
11 Dave Tarasewicz Sr, Gile, WI 6-Sep 35-1/4" R/W Jerk Bait South Turtle S 3:30 PM  
32 Darrell Fritz, Rothschild, WI 7-Sep 35-1/4" R/W Dr. Evil Alder S 10:10 AM  
16 Cory Herwig, Portage, WI 6-Sep 35-1/2" R/W Bucktail Birch S 5:02 PM  
31 Robert Cribben, Chicago, IL 7-Sep 35-1/2" R/W Bucktail Wild Rice S 9:27 AM  
38 Tom Staveness, Portage, WI 7-Sep 35-1/2" R/W Slopmaster High S 10:45 AM  
42 Steve Smith, Presque Isle, WI 7-Sep 35-1/2" R/W Bulldawg Crab O 11:41 AM  
28 TJ Jenkinson, Brookfield, WI 7-Sep 35"` R/W Baby Beaver Horsehead O 7:29 AM  
8 Howie Meyer, Presque Isle, WI 6-Sep 35" R/W Royal Orb Papoose O 3:05 PM  
10 Dave Sdano, Eden Prairie, MN 6-Sep 35" R/W Suick Crab O 3:03 PM  
43 Robert Olson, Tomah, WI 7-Sep 35" R/W Hawg Wobbler South Turtle S 11:35 AM  
60 Kyle Hill, Presque Isle, WI 8-Sep 35" R/W Slimy Clam Oxbow O 10:15 AM  


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